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My placement so far: London Sport

This post was written by third year BSc Marketing student Andrei, currently on placement at London Sport

17 July was the beginning of a new chapter for me. That day I started my year-long placement with London Sport and embarked on an incredible journey, aiming to make London the most physically active city in the world.

My career goal is to work in the sport industry and when I heard about London Sport and their Marketing and Communications Placement, I knew that I had to apply. Once I got it, I looked forward to starting, but I didn’t really know what to expect from it. However, the surprise of finding out what kind of projects I will be working on was a very pleasant one.

In my second day with London Sport, I already had an article published on the website. Since then, as my work for the company has been appreciated by the team members I’ve been involved in some extremely interesting projects.

Firstly, a lot of my work so far was in the branding area of Marketing. I supported with the House of Sport Interior Branding project and you can read more about this on my blog. In addition to this, I project managed the design of An Active Inclusive Capital, strategy that was successfully launched on 24 August. I learnt a lot during this project and faced my first unexpected crisis since I started my placement: on the day of the launch, we received 750 copies stapled in the wrong order. Fortunately, our team managed the situation successfully and we got 600 other copies – this time correctly stapled – and ready for the event and within a matter of hours before the launch!

andrei pic

Andrei enjoying a pitch tour at Wembley before Challenge Cup Final

These projects were the first time when I worked with a creative agency and to do this kind of Marketing work was a fantastic opportunity for me, that allowed me to put to the test the knowledge from the Marketing courses at Southampton.

Secondly, I got the change to produce content for the London Sport’s social media and website. This – and also writing a lot of emails – helped me to improve my writing skills and build on the fantastic basis accumulated during the #UOSM2008 module.

Last but not least, London Sport gave me the chance to attend a big number of events dedicated to marketing and sports. I attended The Drum’s Sport Briefing which was a landmark event for the sport marketing sector. However, the highlight is completing a pitch tour at Wembley, before the start of the Challenge Cup Final and standing just near the players as they were receiving their medals and trophy.

After a month of working for London Sport, I can agree that I made the right choice. Apart from getting the chance to be involved in the projects described earlier, the company has a great social side too. We had a ‘Welcome and Good-Bye party’ for the new and old interns and went several times for drinks after work. However, there are a lot more social opportunities to explore with an office in the heart of London and a great group of people to spend time with!

I will keep you updated with my experiences at London Sport. Until next time you can follow my blog, for more insights from the projects that I am working on and the events that I am attending.



My placement so far: Ascension

This post was written by third year BSc Marketing student, Joanna

My first two months on placement have flown by, and I’m feeling very settled at work. I’m working at Ascension, which is a Church of England church in Bitterne Park, Southampton.

Working for a small charity – there’s just seven people on staff here – has meant that I’ve taken on lots of responsibility very quickly. I’m employed to manage our media and communications, so I run all our social media channels and I work with a key volunteer to manage our website. I’ve been using Adobe CC to develop branding for new projects, and I’ve also been synchronising and streamlining our current branding. I’ve also been able to use my videography skills to make promotional videos for key events, such as student welcome and highlights of summer festivals. I’ve even developed a new database management system, a challenge that has taken me back to some notes from first year modules!

As the only marketing employee, I’m learning to work very independently. When I find part of my work difficult, or I have to make a new decision, I look back at module notes, or research for information that will help me move forwards. I often find myself thinking creatively or using my initiative, which is intellectually stimulating and allows me to really feel responsible and take pride in my work. My line manager is very releasing, and allows me to get creative and trust my own judgement, which has really increased my confidence and autonomy at work.

Working in a small team means that my role, and my day to day working activities, are very varied. I’ve been part of policy development and strategic meetings, as well as helping to run our onsite café and improving my latte art skills! I’ve loved the variation, and I enjoy that I don’t always sit at a computer all day.

The team here have welcomed me well, and I feel integrated and settled. We’ve had team days where we all work on the same project together, which has at times felt like doing group project work at uni! We’ve also had a staff fun day at GoApe, which was really enjoyable. As well as working with the team, I also get to work with volunteers from the church congregation. I’ve particularly enjoyed this because I spend time with so many different people. Church buildings are rarely quiet, and it’s not unusual for people to pop into the office unannounced – it’s a very informal and sociable working environment.

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My placement so far: The Yes Yes Company

This post was written by third year marketing student Pia, on placement at the Yes Company

I have currently completed 2 months as a marketing intern at The Yes Company – producers of personal lubricants, moisturisers and washes for intimate wellbeing. Working with palpable products is really enjoyable and also extremely rewarding as they have such a positive impact in the lives of so many.

Despite having only started in June, I have learned a great deal and have gained experiences I certainly wouldn’t have done had I not chosen to complete a placement year. Already, I have been given a wide variety of responsibility and important tasks. I particularly like managing the company’s social media accounts as well as planning and sending email campaigns using complex marketing software.

Putting the knowledge I have learnt through the course of my degree into real life practice has not only been satisfying, but also great fun! I look forward to the new challenges that each day brings, and enjoy the fun and friendly atmosphere in the office. I am very much looking forward for the year ahead.


Placements so far: Apple and Coty

As students start their placements for 2017/18, we’re sharing stories of their placements so far. Today, Annie and Tobie share brief insights into their first weeks at Apple and Coty:

This post was written by third year BSc Business Management student Annie who is enjoying her placement year at Coty.


Today marks 10 years of Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume! I was greeted this morning with a limited edition Daisy desk drop, with a flower, mini mirror and info card. There has also been a prize draw to win exclusive Marc Jacobs clothing items, exciting polaroid opportunities, a Marc Jacobs candy floss machine and much more to celebrate Daisy’s success!

Candy floss, anyone?

Candy floss, anyone?

This experience isn’t rare in the Wimbledon offices as Coty continues to engage with and be proud of its impressive portfolio of brands.  I have been working in my Retail and Sales placement role for less than two week and yet have already; learned so much about Coty’s prestige brands and the fragrance industry, gained valuable skills and developed my understanding of important software, met so many friendly people and been fully welcomed into the Coty work family!

My desk

This post was written by third year BSc Marketing student Tobie who is enjoying his placement year at Apple.

I have just started my fifth week at Apple, working as an interactive marketing producer. So far, I have been working on updating various web pages for them across 30+ different countries, requiring careful localisation using translators, developers and validators. My role also includes content publishing within YouTube and direct email.

It is great to get an insight into Apple’s extremely rigorous processes, and the way in which they simplify every part of their marketing message to fully engage with consumers. I am looking forward to taking on more responsibility as the role progresses and also moving to London in September to be closer to the office.


My placement so far: IBM

This post was written by third year BSc Marketing student, Dom, on placement at IBM.

Today marks exactly one month since I started my placement with IBM. Honestly, I can say that It’s been one of the scariest, most full-on and most challenging months of my life, but ultimately, it’s been one of the most rewarding 31 days of my life so far and am so happy that I changed my course to include this year.

Coming in to such a well renowned, multi-national billion-dollar company like IBM and doing a job I had no experience with, naturally I was nervous. These nerves were immediately put at rest by my welcoming colleagues who kept telling me to ask lots of questions, because trust me, I had a lot!

Dom has already been writing blog posts for IBM, less than one month into his placement

Dom has already been writing blog posts, less than one month into his placement at IBM

In terms of my development I can already see a huge improvement in myself. From writing a blog published to the IBM internal blog page for thousands of ‘IBMers’ to view explaining the new, exciting update on a product. To writing the script for a new video containing an extremely technical use case to be published onto one of the main YouTube channels with 11,000 subscribers. These, as well as a wide range of other tasks and opportunities have led to me developing massively, and at times hearing myself speak and questioning who have I transformed into?

All in all, I have enormously enjoyed my first month here and if the next 11 are anything like this I will be a very lucky guy. I recommend IBM to anyone looking for a placement, because if it goes anything like how mine is so far, you will have a great year.

As students start their placements, we’ll be sharing more stories like Dom’s. Interested in a placement at IBM? Check the jobs board.