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Placement Life at Oracle: The largest company you’ve never heard of – Part 2

So, I’m nearly 6 months deep into my placement year here at Oracle and what a whirlwind it has been.

In my last blog I was coming to the end of the 2nd month of my 12 month placement, I was a bright eyed, bushy tailed and enthusiastic marketing intern… and I still am! So much has happened in the last 4-5 months that I struggle to wrap my head around it all thinking about it now. My knowledge of the Hospitality industry has increased 10 fold and the experiences I have gained are proving to be invaluable in both my professional and personal life. I never knew how widespread the hospitality industry could be and how many aspects of people’s lives it affects, understanding the variety of different processes of a huge corporate company and learning so many different skills along the way.

What have I been up to? In the last few months I have been incredibly busy, working as part of a well-oiled machine doing my part and contributing wherever I can. I have been successfully supporting my global team in so many different ways: Helping organise and facilitate tradeshows in EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa), Independent Hotel Show in London, Equiphotel in Paris and even had the incredible opportunity to fly out to Rimini in Italy, supporting the Italian sales team run the tradeshow TTG. I have been working closely with my global marketing team and our many sales teams, generating leads through marketing campaigns that I am running – Creating various graphics, blogs and social media posts – all with the aim to strategically market some of our many assets and produce content that will live on even when my time at Oracle comes to an end. I’m even gaining experience in the recruitment process, sending emails to many UK Universities advertising our placement opportunities and beginning to filter out the best candidates to fit our global team and work culture here at Oracle. As well as this I am continuing to manage the Arsenal FC corporate box, I was even lucky enough to go to the Premier League season opener vs Manchester City! Oh yeah, I have also continued with my self-proclaimed modelling career by taking part in a professional product photoshoot, staring in a project surrounding Oracle Food & Beverage hardware and software.

There is so much more that I have done and so much yet to do, I’ve been getting involved in some of the many events that Oracle hold throughout the year. I have taken part in the annual ‘Palace to Palace’ 45 mile bike ride, where Oracle assembled a team to raise money for The Prince’s Trust, I personally raised £190 and the whole Oracle team raised a whopping £22,046! In the remainder of the next 6 months I plan to take part in the Tough Mudder – A hard-core 10-12 mile obstacle race – and The Cateran Yomp, a 54 mile walk in 24 hours across the rugged terrain of the Scottish wilderness, raising money for the Help for Heroes charity organisation. It’s getting involved in events like these that help improve my skill set and offers a great opportunity to network with other Oracle employees from different lines of business.

This coming Christmas period represents my 6 month mark as a placement student here at Oracle and as I have just mentioned there has been so much to learn. It is also that time of the year where 2nd year students are currently in the process of writing CV’s, cover letters and submitting applications , deciding what company you want to work for and in what way you want to start your career. From my personal experience the advice I would give anyone applying for placements is simple:

  • Know the company – Research the company you are applying to, go through their website, news articles and press releases to learn as much as you can. The knowledge you gain from dedicating just an hour to research will help you immensely in the whole recruitment process.


  • Stand out – Companies receive hundreds upon hundreds of applications each year for just a select few roles and only the applications that differentiate themselves from everyone else will be shortlisted. Try to think about what would make you stand out, what have you done that is exciting? Have you done something unique? Where have you demonstrated passion for the role? These are the questions you should be thinking about when going through the application process.


  • Be yourself – Whether you’re writing a cover letter, speaking in a telephone interview or taking part in an assessment centre, be yourself. Employers are able to see whether you are acting natural or behaving in a way that isn’t you, letting yourself and your personality shine through makes all the difference and the employers will definitely notice that.

Every company will be looking for different types of people to fit their different roles, don’t be disheartened if you receive your first, second or third rejection and you feel that things aren’t going your way. I even got rejected from three assessment centres before I secured my role at Oracle! Hopefully I have given a better insight into my job role here at Oracle Hospitality and offered some useful advice for placement applicants. Good Luck!

Written by Olly Sergeant