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My placement so far: Ascension

This post was written by third year BSc Marketing student, Joanna

My first two months on placement have flown by, and I’m feeling very settled at work. I’m working at Ascension, which is a Church of England church in Bitterne Park, Southampton.

Working for a small charity – there’s just seven people on staff here – has meant that I’ve taken on lots of responsibility very quickly. I’m employed to manage our media and communications, so I run all our social media channels and I work with a key volunteer to manage our website. I’ve been using Adobe CC to develop branding for new projects, and I’ve also been synchronising and streamlining our current branding. I’ve also been able to use my videography skills to make promotional videos for key events, such as student welcome and highlights of summer festivals. I’ve even developed a new database management system, a challenge that has taken me back to some notes from first year modules!

As the only marketing employee, I’m learning to work very independently. When I find part of my work difficult, or I have to make a new decision, I look back at module notes, or research for information that will help me move forwards. I often find myself thinking creatively or using my initiative, which is intellectually stimulating and allows me to really feel responsible and take pride in my work. My line manager is very releasing, and allows me to get creative and trust my own judgement, which has really increased my confidence and autonomy at work.

Working in a small team means that my role, and my day to day working activities, are very varied. I’ve been part of policy development and strategic meetings, as well as helping to run our onsite café and improving my latte art skills! I’ve loved the variation, and I enjoy that I don’t always sit at a computer all day.

The team here have welcomed me well, and I feel integrated and settled. We’ve had team days where we all work on the same project together, which has at times felt like doing group project work at uni! We’ve also had a staff fun day at GoApe, which was really enjoyable. As well as working with the team, I also get to work with volunteers from the church congregation. I’ve particularly enjoyed this because I spend time with so many different people. Church buildings are rarely quiet, and it’s not unusual for people to pop into the office unannounced – it’s a very informal and sociable working environment.

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Dealing with Application Rejection

Nobody enjoys being rejected. When you feel like you have put substantial time and effort into an application or interview and you get declined feeling disappointed is inevitable. There are always going to be the lucky few who sail through life getting their dream job first time. But for most of us rejection will happen at some time and the placement application process is no exception. So if rejection is inevitable we should consider how it can be managed effectively.

Don’t just keep it to yourself

When you have been rejected and are feeling disappointed you are not necessarily going to be keen to share this with the world. Keeping it to yourself isn’t going to change the outcome. Get in touch with your Placement Advisor who can discuss how you can move forward and learn for future applications. Don’t forget Placement Advisors are here to help.

time for feedback

Getting feedback

You are perfectly entitled to ask for feedback after an unsuccessful application. There may be instances in which the employer is unable to provide detailed constructive feedback. Sometimes the sheer volume of applications may make this unrealistic. Employers might not be in a position to identify significant improvement. The difference between candidates may be marginal and you just might not be the first choice on the day. Remember you have nothing to lose by politely asking for feedback, it could be the difference between rejection or success next time.

As a placement student you are in a unique position where you have access to Placement Advisors. Remember they are here to help by reviewing your applications and practicing mock interviews. Your Placement Advisor will then be able to give you detailed feedback and tips to alter your application or improve before the real interview. This is a brilliant opportunity that you will not have access after graduation so make the most it.

Sharing an application or enduring a mock interview with your Placement Advisor might makes you feel nervous but surely it is better to make mistakes and learn from them rather than on the real application or in the actual interview? Nobody relishes accepting personal criticism but remember they are only trying to help you achieve your full potential.

Learning from our mistakes

If we are going to seek feedback after rejection then it is important that we reflect on it. There may be occasions when you really did try your best and there is nothing more you could have done. There may be times when the job just clearly was not right for you. But remember none of us are perfect. It is likely that there are ways in which you could improve your application or responses to interview questions to increase your future chances of success. Of course there is an element of subjectivity to application success. All employers are individuals and they will not always have identical opinions of what you should write or say. But remember there is no point getting feedback if you are not going to reflect on.


Don’t let it get you down

As discussed previously application rejection is something that most of us will face at some time and feeling disappointed is natural but try not to get too disheartened. Try and take something positive from the experience. Even if you aren’t successful then the process means you have more experience to draw upon for you next application or interview.

Remember being rejected but getting yourself back out there and not giving up shows you have resilience. Employers want someone who is resilient it is great quality to have as an employee.


My placement so far: The Yes Yes Company

This post was written by third year marketing student Pia, on placement at the Yes Company

I have currently completed 2 months as a marketing intern at The Yes Company – producers of personal lubricants, moisturisers and washes for intimate wellbeing. Working with palpable products is really enjoyable and also extremely rewarding as they have such a positive impact in the lives of so many.

Despite having only started in June, I have learned a great deal and have gained experiences I certainly wouldn’t have done had I not chosen to complete a placement year. Already, I have been given a wide variety of responsibility and important tasks. I particularly like managing the company’s social media accounts as well as planning and sending email campaigns using complex marketing software.

Putting the knowledge I have learnt through the course of my degree into real life practice has not only been satisfying, but also great fun! I look forward to the new challenges that each day brings, and enjoy the fun and friendly atmosphere in the office. I am very much looking forward for the year ahead.