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Burkhard Schafer – Solidarity and Surveillance

Title: Solidarity and Surveillance

Professor Burkhard Schafer, Edinburgh

Abstract: In comparison to “trust”, the concept of “solidarity” has attracted little attention in the discussion of cybergovernance. The  talk presents three examples where solidarity and surveillance interact in a technology-mediated environment, the good, the bad and the ugly. In the first case study, we look at computer assisted , solidarity based obfuscation methods that protect, lawfully,  the identity of suspects during a police investigation. In the second case study, we look at solidarity based methods to subvert (possibly illegally) police  surveillance of motorists. In the final case study, we look at solidarity based models of technology enabled  surveillance – the crowd sourced surveillance state. The  paper concludes with some tentative conclusion on the role of solidarity in studying technology assisted surveillance methods and lays out some avenues for future research.

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