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Pseudo-Web Science

Bored of reading research papers? Fed-up by endlessly deconstructing other people’s methodology? Frustrated by how difficult it is  to make any positive assertions let alone develop an innovative paradigm within the conservative arena of academia?  You just need to become a member of the House of Lords and you can exposit, in the media, new theories about all things technology and ‘webby’ to your heart’s content – without having to produce any new evidence. What you do is synthesise someone else’s research about another topic into your hypothesis.

Take a close look at this – the only research referred to is here. Apparently, I don’t need an iPad2 – I can sit in an empty room, imagine tapping its interface and playing Angry Birds and it will have the same profound effect on my brain as doing it in reality.

Also, take a look this - social networking sites are causing a chilling lack of empathy in a whole generation of young people. I am now wondering how many 20th century genocides  occurred without social networking and thinking about a new book  “Facebook – The Rise of The Sociopaths”.

Anyway, what’s the point of all this? Technology has always been an ideological battleground played out in health, education, work, the family – every field of policy. Web Science has an important job in informing opinion with proper research about technology – take a look at the Lords Debate again – how many times do they ask for more research?

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