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Networks of ignorant narcissists broadcasting to each other?

A few giant corporations will dominate the Web. For convenience, efficiency and cost, to each customer, one of these corporations will supply Internet access, the Web, social networking, TV and telephony through wireless broadband to smart TVs, tablets and phones. These platforms will also be hubs to access the Internet of Things. People will customise their content based on their preferences, prejudices, and ideology. A significant proportion of this process will be co-opted to technological agents acting on the human’s behalf. More content will be provided by friends, colleagues, celebrities and companies the person and his agent interacts with. During this process, the agent will learn and reinforce the human’s predilections. News, films, TV shows music, adverts, opinion, political debate will all be packaged and personalised.

Is this death of Reithianism?

Is the future of the Internet networks of ignorant narcissists broadcasting to each other?

Or worse, communities of virtual Amish rejecting anyone’s point of view but their own?

Or am I am indulging in the intellectual hysteria that always accompanies rapid change?

Or, even worse, I am just spouting the sort of crap media-friendly “academics” love?

“A new class of service provider will emerge that will create and market service elements that can be applied across multiple sectors. These elements will be aggregated together in any number of ways by a ‘broker’, to provide the end user with contextually aware applications and decision support services.” Technology Strategy Board



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