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All Aboard the Pirate Ship?

The movie industry is huge with the global box office making $38bn in 2016 (Statista, 2016). But there is this ‘underworld’ we are probably all part of, illegal online downloads. Pirate Bay, the biggest online site, was seeing 12m+ visitors a day in 2012 (Enigmax, 2012), and the practice has got bigger as cinema cost has risen. Below is a video explaining free movies online, created by me: Source. Continue reading →

Topic 5: Open access can save lives.

Wiley’s video above defines open access as free immediate and available research articles online with free re-use rights. Slideshow 1: The slideshow gives a brief summary of the topic Open Access created by myself (Heer, 2016).  Click to view slideshow. Open access has been extremely beneficial to myself at university. Specifically, as I’m writing my dissertation. Already I have used over 30 various journals, publications and articles. Continue reading →

What to do with your online content?

Making your content freely available is a great tactic to increase potential audience viewers and exposure (PHD Comics, 2012), people are much less likely to buy something before knowing if it’s any good (especially with no free returns). The advantages of open education resources (ERIC, 2012) exceed the producer’s benefit, as a highly educated population is associated with an array of positive externalities (see piktochart). Continue reading →

Topic 5 – Open Access

Content providers spend a great amount of their time researching and writing papers. Although sometimes their work is funded by government bodies, they should also be rewarded for their efforts and have their work recognised. Open Access is about making all scientific research available for anyone from anywhere in the world. Before I continue, below is a quick summary I have made. Continue reading →

Netflix vs Cinema

The world of cinema is slowly moving to the online world with the growth of sites such as netflix, the internet age is catching up with the world of cinema. Demonstrated in the video created by me: Source. With the world increasingly turning to the online world it seem that the world of cinema isn’t exempt either. The box office for cinemas around the world saw a 5.2% fall in revenue in 2014 globally despite the release of some major films like James Bond and Iron Man (Lang, 2014). Continue reading →