Topic 3 Reflection

I went into this week’s topic looking to do something a bit different, as I am becoming bored of writing and reading the same old blog posts. Luckily I had very positive feedback on the structure, with Freya, Calum and Nabeel commenting that they found the step-by-step guide user friendly and interesting. Calum also gave me some useful feedback as he pointed out the missing stage of actually interacting with employers, rather than hoping they will seek you out (unlikely).

I found Nabeel’s blog very interesting, as the blog post explained the reasons for needing an online profile using personal examples from his internship. It was good to see proof that online profiles do actually work from someone with real world experience, and encouraged me to try harder to develop my own online profile. In the comments we were talking about how to actually go about engaging with companies, which was useful as I didn’t have much knowledge on this aspect myself, going back to the comment Calum put on my post.

I liked the way in which Pippa was able to link this week’s topic back to previous weeks and we were considering how the matter of authenticity and privacy link in with the desire to create a professional profile. I still feel like I desire more privacy online, and I think it is the mindset of understanding that it is possible to be safe and secure online and yet be visible in order to achieve professional goals.

Overall I think I have found this topic the most informative on how to practically create an online profile and think that this knowledge will be very beneficial to me when I start to implement my learning.

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