Developing an online professional profile : Reflection

This fortnight’s topic had me blogging about building one’s online professional profile. The concept of this topic was relatively new to me as I had not really given much thought as to creating a professional online profile as of yet. Therefore this topic was actually a very enlightening one for me as I discovered many different areas of the web where you can create an authentic professional profile.
I was most impressed by Charlie’s blog where I learnt an impressive amount from one blog post, I immediately thought about different areas where I could improve my online profile such as my profile picture looking professional. His blog also opened my eyes to interlinking different websites to redirect the reader to finding out more information about you. This has helped me realise that I can show active interests in different areas and build up my own character on the web whilst remaining focused and professional in the field of work I want to go into. Charlie also pointed out to me how to adapt each website suitably, such as having more advertisements on Twitter where everything is a bit more informal rather than on LinkedIn where it is probably best to remain as professional as possible. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Charlie’s blog post this week and it has certainly been my best and most eye-opening experience so far.
Dom also commented on my blog and created a stimulating discussion on the pros and cons of employers being able to see what your personal interests are, as I had only really gone through the positives of this. Dom made me realise that perhaps there are some negatives of employers being able to see your personal life online, especially if certain employers have personal issued with certain things. Although I discussed the relation between poker and statistics, any employer may discriminate against people who gamble.
Charlie’s blog post :

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