Topic 2 Reflective Summary

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The most interesting part of this topic for me has been the differences in opinion on having multiple identities. Ultimately, I think that how you control your online identity/identities depends on what you are trying to achieve. This may also relate back to Topic 1, depending on whether you are acting as a resident or a visitor at that particular time.

I first commented on Nabeel’s blog because I especially wanted to pick up on the point about a ‘blur’ between professional and personal identities. I agreed that this is often an issue, especially because I would like to learn how to manage this better on my own social network pages in order to increase my employability. Topic 2 has definitely taught me about choosing your online identities carefully.

My second comment was made on Freya’s blog because I wanted to engage with some of the points that she made about online safety and privacy. I especially liked her use of linking the TV show ‘Catfish’ as this is informative for many young people. However, I also asked about her thoughts on people who are not as aware of the risks of the internet and she made a good point about some people being more cautious about online activity. This is understandable considering it normally follows that the less you know about something, the more cautious you are of it.

As a regular internet user, as both a resident and a visitor, I believe there is a need for multiple online identities and this has been reinforced by several of the blogs that I’ve read for Topic 2. The biggest thing that I’ve taken away from this topic has to be the need for consistent management of our online sites, especially if we want these sites to attract important contacts and employers. Charlie’s comment on my blog explained that he has been advised to adapt his profiles for career purposes and Aeragan’s comment reinforced my view that regulated content = successful content.

Blogs mentioned:

Freya’s Blog:

Nabeel’s Blog:

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