Topic 2: A reflection

My original post, “Who am I?” written just over a week ago marked the middle of my two week module on online identities. Through interacting with the class my knowledge for the topic has grown.

By reading Sophie’s blog, I quickly discovered we have opposing opinions. I believe we should present ourselves professionally at all times on the web, Sophie believes we should use social media for its social purpose: establishing we both use social media differently. Though I feel it is important to be authentic in your online identity, I  believe that everything you put on the web should be professional, as nothing is completely private.

Interacting with Catherine’s blog post; I answered the questions she set herself, allowing me to see the similarities and differences in the way we use social media. We discovered a lot of similarities in opinion; so began to discuss making sure that younger generations know that there online identity is traceable.  Catherine pointed out a lot of work has been done to bring this into education! But the main problem is it being down to the individual to put into practice. Catherine suggested a very interesting article on this topic: discussing the transition from the protected environment of Primary School to Secondary School at the same time as the transition from children’s sites, to social media.

It is easy to say “always keep your online identity professional,” however as Calum said: “we are all but human and prone to mistakes and emotional outbursts, even online.” A question I am still yet to answer, is how do we make sure that our past naivety’s to the web do not affect us later in life? Making sure that like face-to-face interactions,  that comments can be forgiven and forgotten!

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