The Committee Members, Who are they? #1

As the A.G.M. is coming soon, the committee has decided to tell you who they are and what they do in the club!

Every now and then the blog will be updated with the “resume” of several committee members.

Today we have the Captains of 3 of our teams.

Marco Captain of the Development Team, Jack the Captain of Men’s 3rd team and AJ Captain of Men’s 2nd team.

If you go to the About;Committee;2016/17 window, the newly uploaded Committee members will appear and you will be able to see who they are, why they like playing basketball and what they do for the club.

We hope that this will insight our club members to present themselves for committee positions or help them to understand what they will have to do. If you were just wondering who were amongst our committee, this new feature will help you to visualise who were running the club