Autonomous Robotic Systems

Nano UAS

The UK Mod has issued a tender notice for a Nano Unmanned Air System (NUAS):

The proposed solution must meet certain criteria:

  • Must be a rotary winged design.
  • <60 g Air element (originally <200 g).
  • <1.7 kg Total system mass.
  • Minimum 300 m and desirably up to 1 km range from the operator.
  • Delivery Q1 2012.
  • Able to operate in Afghanistan and the UK.
  • Endurance at least 20 min and desirably up to 40 min.
  • Image sensor on board for day and night operation.
  • Deployable within 5 min and desirably less than 2 min.
  • Operated by non-specialist.
  • Max two days of training, desirably one day.
  • Waypoint route planning.
  • Low visible/acoustic signature at optimum operating altitude.
  • Operator to undertake level 1 maintenance.
  • NUAS to be battery powered.
  • 100 units over 1 year contract.
  • Contract valued at between £10m-£20m.

A good background review of NAV/MAV systems:

An overview of the situation in Afghanistan:

The MoD Nano UAS tender shortlist has gone from 22 down to two competitors:

Prox Dynamics of Norway:

Swarm Systems of the UK:

I understand that a final decision will be made around the middle of October 2011 and a contract for 100 units will be issued thereafter.

It has been announced that the contract (value £20m) has gone to Prox Dynamics in partnership with Marlborough Communications: