Update and Overview of our Technical Approach

Our central IT department, iSolutions have been hard at work implementing our planned ORCID service. The development is now essentially finished – we can now start on implementation.

This has been an interesting process – the core of the service we envisioned has been created. One of the more complex elements (automating the adding of affiliation information) was not realised. Also the developer has come up with good ideas we didn’t think of! E.g. giving the user a summary of the publically available information on their profile. This could be useful for someone who created an ORCID some time ago – and prompt them to update information if needed!

Our work in preparing FAQ material, and learning from other institutions (e.g. Oxford) has been valuable and time saving. We were over optimistic is our allowance for development time. This will limit the extent to which the service can be launched before the project formally ends.

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