Timeline from EPrints

Written by lac on March 21, 2010 – 5:59 pm -

There is now an EPrints export plugin that produces a suitable RSS feed for creating a timeline. It had to be changed to (a) list more than the default (10) number of recent items, potentially listing the whole repository if necessary and (b) report items by their date of publication in the literature, not date of deposit in the repository. This last point is one of those interesting departures from the normal Web model that a repository lives with: its resources are not Web pages, they are papers or articles that have a role in “the scholarly literature” as well as the “academic web”. This feed reports the “latest things in the literature that feature in the repository” not “the latest things in the repository”.


This means that we can easily create a timeline based on data from the repository (e.g. all papers on topic X which have more than 10 citations); once in the TimeLine editor, it is easy to tweek the individual items.

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