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PANFeed: Update

PANFeed is currently undergoing a usability update, with two main goals planned. The primary goal is to make the site more accessible to non-technical users, those who may not know what an RSS feed is or what to do with

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PANFeed feature roll out

Some of you may be wondering what happened to PANFeed Journals and Issues that we mentioned back in November. Well we have been quietly working away on them. Today we released the newest PANFeed. New features include user accounts, and

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PANFeed Journals and Issues

PANFeed has been collecting academic news for a while now and so we started thinking about more things you would want to do with your news. We had two needs expressed by Les Carr and William Nixon. The first was

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PANFeed source released

We have now got PANFeed software up to a nearly acceptable standard. In the interest of releasing early and often we have released a tarball and some simple install instructions so that if you like you can set up you

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PANFeed and CampusROAR at Repository Fringe

Repository Fringe Last week we took PANFeed (Personalized Academic News Feed) and CampusROAR to its first conference: RepoFringe in Edinburgh.  We were talking about CampusROAR as an idea and also doing a short demo of PANFeed (the new name for

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