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The Keywords plugin

The last plugin I’m going to talk about during this initial period of RedFeather development is the keywords plugin.  While the ability to add keywords to a resource is desirable enough to be a candidate for inclusion in the RedFeather core itself,

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Alternative Data Views

It is important to make sure that a repository is accessible to machines as well as humans as this allows it to be indexed more efficiently and thus more discoverable on the web.  RedFeather currently supports 3 alternative data formats:

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Reskinning RedFeather

The default RedFeather template has a very simple but modern style that can be used directly out-of-the-box.  This allows less technical individuals to quickly deploy a site without having to worry about writing their own HTML or CSS.  The template

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Deliverable: RedFeather Core

The primary deliverable of this project is RedFeather itself, which provides an out-of-the box repository solution in a single php script. It distills the complexity of a full-scale repository platform to provide a feature set that we believe satisfies 90%

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Plugin Architecture

In this post I’m going to talk about how the RedFeather plugin system is implemented.  I’m also give a rough overview on how the rest of RedFeather works and provide a rationale for the decisions I made regarding the design.

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Deploying RedFeather

This week I deployed our first “real life” instance of RedFeather – to help manage the documents associated with the Southampton Learning Environment Project. Since our live demo of RedFeather was deployed as a standalone application this was the first

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