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Hypertext day 3 – Tagging and Hyperstructure

So iMapping, thats pretty great. Check it out. Personal knowledge management is not the most focussed knowledge management. Most people dont have that much knowledge to manange. However for researchers where we always have large corpuses of material and often

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Hypertext Day 2 – Keynote, Search, Recommendation and E-Lit

So today was the first offical day of the Conference. This morning started with the opening keynote. As with all keynotes the range of topics covered was broad. There was some really strong emphasis so far on both days that

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Hypertext Day 1 – Workshop on Modelling Social Media #MSM10

So today is the workshop day of Hypertext. The talks are fairly informal and its nice to be eased into the swing of the conference. I have been attending the Modeling Social Media workshop (#MSM10). There were some pretty neat

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Hypertext 2010

I’m currently looking into going to Hypertext 2010. The conference has a history of engaging and esoteric research and attracts some of the leading researchers in social web and adaptive hypermedia systems. This year it will be held in Toronto,

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