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RepoFringe11, a whistle stop review

This years repository fringe was another resounding success. Successfull placement in preview week of the Edinburgh fringe made the atmosphere electric. The event kicked off with a presentation by Eloy Rodrigues about the monumental amount of work him and his

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SLE: EdShare

Before the Southampton Learning Environment is made available to the university as a whole, the School of Electronics and Computer Science will have the opportunity to use a pre-production release as ECS’ current Intranet is phased out. Keeping this in

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Erevnametrics: Research Object Builder UI

While I’ve mainly been talking about the back-end of the RO Builder, another thing that I have been doing is creating an easy to use, browser based, front end. This I am doing with html & javascript, and it links

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SLE: News Feed Viewer

An important element of the university’s current learning environment, SUSSED, is the noticeboard. This is a compilation of news and important announcements from a variety of departments. As a result (and as can be seen from the screenshot below), this

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Erevnametrics: API Evaluation

To make the Research Object creator worthwhile, it needs to support obtaining information from a large amount of sources – the point is to aggregate all of the useful data from all these different resources, after all – and as

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CampusROAR: A Simple Python Crawler

Over the last week I’ve been building a simple Python web crawler for grabbing RSS feeds from a domain.  The one I built in Bash using command line tools (namely wget) has several downsides which needed fixing so I started

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SLE: Coursework Status and Hand-in

Among the highest demanded widgets for the SLE (at least, according to our survey) was a method of viewing the status of outstanding pieces of coursework and being able to submit completed works electronically. As with all projects, before any

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Erevnametrics: RO Builder Architecture

So, when faced with the task of building the Research Object Builder, a couple of goals were expressed: It should be designed to interact with other systems as much as possible, that is, it should take in RDF from some

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CampusROAR: Finding Feeds

Recently I’ve been looking at methods to get all the feeds from the University web presence and compile them all into a big list for later use.  This is harder than it looks since the University website is a large

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SLE: Online Survey Results

To find out what students (and staff) wanted from the new learning environment, we drafted a short survey which asked participants to rank several potential widgets (similar to those on the iGoogle page) in order of preference. Before producing a

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