Author: Tom Blount

PANFeed: Update

PANFeed is currently undergoing a usability update, with two main goals planned. The primary goal is to make the site more accessible to non-technical users, those who may not know what an RSS feed is or what to do with

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SLE: Wrap-up

As the summer comes to an end and, along with it, my internship, it’s time to reflect on everything I’ve learned. Firstly, one should never underestimate the effect of coffee and heavy metal on speed of coding. More importantly perhaps,

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SLE: Feature Requests

The driving reason behind developing the SLE is to provide students and staff with a fresh collaborative environment in which they can build a community for themselves and each other. Communities are fantastic, because they give users a sense of

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SLE: EdShare

Before the Southampton Learning Environment is made available to the university as a whole, the School of Electronics and Computer Science will have the opportunity to use a pre-production release as ECS’ current Intranet is phased out. Keeping this in

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SLE: News Feed Viewer

An important element of the university’s current learning environment, SUSSED, is the noticeboard. This is a compilation of news and important announcements from a variety of departments. As a result (and as can be seen from the screenshot below), this

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SLE: Coursework Status and Hand-in

Among the highest demanded widgets for the SLE (at least, according to our survey) was a method of viewing the status of outstanding pieces of coursework and being able to submit completed works electronically. As with all projects, before any

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SLE: Online Survey Results

To find out what students (and staff) wanted from the new learning environment, we drafted a short survey which asked participants to rank several potential widgets (similar to those on the iGoogle page) in order of preference. Before producing a

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SLE: Online Survey Tools Review

The first part of any large project is finding out what your client actually wants. We want the SLE to be not only functional, but enjoyable to use as well and, with this goal in mind, want to include the

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Southampton Learning Environment Internship: Overview

My internship consists of helping develop the new Southampton Learning Environment (SLE) – “a 24/7 ‘one stop shop’ for learning and living needs at the University of Southampton” as the research team’s website puts it. When finished, it will include

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