Author: Patrick McSweeney

Audio proceedings

Following my post from Connected Past a few weeks ago I have been thinking more about different kinds of conference proceedings. Reading your paper aloud gives you an audio, video and “presentation” representation of your work. Each of these gives

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PANFeed feature roll out

Some of you may be wondering what happened to PANFeed Journals and Issues that we mentioned back in November. Well we have been quietly working away on them. Today we released the newest PANFeed. New features include user accounts, and

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RedFeather Architecture

One of the big selling points of RedFeather is how light weight it is. The intention is that a base install of RedFeather will be a single .php file which can be dropped into almost any web space to provide

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Why you would read a paper…

I began writing this post at the Connected Past conference, which being someone not burdened with any real understanding of humanities, was astonishingly interesting to me. However this post is not really on the subject of networks. It is on

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Introducing RedFeather

The OneShare team is embarking on a new project. The JISC have very kindly funded the RedFeather project. RedFeather is a Resource Exhibition and Discovery tool which is Feather light. It allows users to trivially upload and share small collections

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Your Insitution’s Data Mobility

In our work on the SLE we have met range of challenges, some expected and some unexpected but none as surprising to me as the problem of data mobility. Coming from a world of open repositories data mobility was the

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I Might Be a Software Author

For over a year I have been uncomfortable with the idea that I am software engineer. The question in my mind has always been, “If I am not a software engineer then what am I?” I have always avoided tackling

PANFeed Journals and Issues

PANFeed has been collecting academic news for a while now and so we started thinking about more things you would want to do with your news. We had two needs expressed by Les Carr and William Nixon. The first was

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Digital Research Literacy

Over the last couple of weeks the OneShare team has been thinking some more about the scholarly process. We began by brainstorming  about potential end game scenarios for d-Roc. If we lived in a world where everyone made research objects

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PeoplePivot – Temporal and Spacial navigation of co-authorship data

The DevCSI developer challenge at #repofringe11 was focused on the events theme “repositories building bridges”. As people of repositories Matt, Andy and myself thought that what we wanted to do was make a tool for exploring co-authorship over the course

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