Author: Matt R Taylor

The Keywords plugin

The last plugin I’m going to talk about during this initial period of RedFeather development is the keywords plugin.  While the ability to add keywords to a resource is desirable enough to be a candidate for inclusion in the RedFeather core itself,

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Alternative Data Views

It is important to make sure that a repository is accessible to machines as well as humans as this allows it to be indexed more efficiently and thus more discoverable on the web.  RedFeather currently supports 3 alternative data formats:

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Reskinning RedFeather

The default RedFeather template has a very simple but modern style that can be used directly out-of-the-box.  This allows less technical individuals to quickly deploy a site without having to worry about writing their own HTML or CSS.  The template

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Deliverable: RedFeather Core

The primary deliverable of this project is RedFeather itself, which provides an out-of-the box repository solution in a single php script. It distills the complexity of a full-scale repository platform to provide a feature set that we believe satisfies 90%

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Plugin Architecture

In this post I’m going to talk about how the RedFeather plugin system is implemented.  I’m also give a rough overview on how the rest of RedFeather works and provide a rationale for the decisions I made regarding the design.

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Learning from existing plugin systems

One of the other defining characteristics of RedFeather is the fact that the core implementation comprises of a single PHP file.  Despite this, it still provides a highly extensible architecture capable of being customised and tweaked to suit different situations.

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Lessons in dependency management

The approach I had to take when developing RedFeather was very different from my usual methodology due to the unusual motivations behind the system.  As I mentioned in my earlier blog posts, the primary goal behind RedFeather is to provide

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Deploying RedFeather

This week I deployed our first “real life” instance of RedFeather – to help manage the documents associated with the Southampton Learning Environment Project. Since our live demo of RedFeather was deployed as a standalone application this was the first

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RedFeather at Open Repositories

Last week I headed up to Edinburgh for Open Repositories 2012 and I took RedFeather along with me.  While I didn’t have my own session or PechaKucha, my contacts in the EPrints community allowed me to get a short presentation

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Embedding Previews

One of the biggest challenges with RedFeather is providing users with the capability to preview OERs within their browser without requiring any specific browser extensions, plugins or server side conversion tools. When we were first scoping out the project we

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