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CampusROAR:Some early designs for an “issue” creator.

The purpose of this would be to enable a user to create virtual magazine issues (RSS) with relative ease from any selection of sources. Possible further additions would be a feature allowing custom introductions etc. These are early and heavily

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PANFeed and CampusROAR at Repository Fringe

Repository Fringe Last week we took PANFeed (Personalized Academic News Feed) and CampusROAR to its first conference: RepoFringe in Edinburgh.  We were talking about CampusROAR as an idea and also doing a short demo of PANFeed (the new name for

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CampusROAR: A Simple Python Crawler

Over the last week I’ve been building a simple Python web crawler for grabbing RSS feeds from a domain.  The one I built in Bash using command line tools (namely wget) has several downsides which needed fixing so I started

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CampusROAR: Finding Feeds

Recently I’ve been looking at methods to get all the feeds from the University web presence and compile them all into a big list for later use.  This is harder than it looks since the University website is a large

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CampusROAR: Improving our content

What makes for a good RSS feed?  Or more specifically, what makes an RSS feed look attractive when viewed in a ‘Personalised Magazine’ format.  That’s what I’ve been trying to find out and have come up with three (plus one

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CampusROAR: Looking at some desktop Personalised Magazine apps.

I will use the term Personalised Magazine to describe the social media and news aggregation applications I discussed in the last post.  It seems to fit the purpose nicely and makes sense. There are lots of different apps and many

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CampusROAR and Feed Syndication

Currently it is difficult to keep up with research progress and developments even within your own University campus.  News is usually divided into lots of separate RSS or Atom feeds which do not tend to present their information in a

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