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Introducing OpenIMAJ and ImageTerrier

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Over the past few months we’ve been working hard getting a large amount of code in shape to release publicly as open-sourced software. We’re releasing the code under two separate projects:

Both OpenIMAJ and ImageTerrier provide libraries and tools for experimentation and development of multimedia applications using Java-compatible programming languages.

OpenIMAJ (the Open toolkit for Intelligent Multimedia Analysis in Java) is a collection of libraries for multimedia analysis. The image libraries contain methods for processing images and extracting state-of-the-art features, including SIFT. The video and audio libraries support both cross-platform capture and processing. The clustering and nearest-neighbour libraries contain efficient, multi-threaded implementations of clustering algorithms. The clustering library makes it possible to easily create BoVW representations for images and videos. OpenIMAJ also incorporates a number of tools to enable extremely-large-scale multimedia analysis using distributed computing with Apache Hadoop.

ImageTerrier is a scalable, high-performance search engine platform for content-based image retrieval applications using features extracted with the OpenIMAJ library and tools. The ImageTerrier platform provides a comprehensive test-bed for experimenting with image retrieval techniques. The platform incorporates a state-of-the-art implementation of the single-pass indexing technique for constructing inverted indexes and is capable of producing highly compressed index data structures. ImageTerrier is an extension to the open-source Terrier platform for textual information retrieval research.

The majority of the OpenIMAJ codebase has been released under the New BSD license which makes it freely available to both academic and commercial users. The ImageTerrier project is released under the same licensing terms as the Terrier project on which it is built —– namely the Mozilla Public License. This license also allows both academic and commercial use of the code.

For more information about OpenIMAJ, take a look at:

For more information about ImageTerrier, take a look at:

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