Seminar on the Shanghai maths approach

liDate: 6 Oct 2015
Time: 16:00-17:00
Venue: 32/2097

Reservations: Reservations are closed

Title: The Shanghai maths approach: An analysis based on a geometry lesson
Speaker: Professor Shiqi Li, East China Normal University

There are distinctive features in mathematics education in China. Based on video clips of a geometry lesson in Shanghai, this lecture will provide an analysis of some characteristics in Shanghai teachers’ teaching process, such as distinctive classroom environment, special ways for interaction between teacher and students, students understanding and using mathematics concepts and methods at higher levels, the teaching strategy of Variation for problem posing, and the instruction principal of “four basics”. Some weaknesses will also be discussed. The lecture will argue that between the UK and China there may be complementary aspects for learning from each other.

Shiqi Li is Professor Emeritus at East China Normal University. Being former Deputy Director of the Institute of Mathematics Education at ECNU and former President of China Mathematics Education Research Association, Prof. Li is one of the best well-known Chinese mathematics educators nationally and internationally. His main research interests are in mathematics learning, instruction, and teacher education. He has published widely in these areas, especially on the features of mathematics education in China, and in East Asia in general. Professor Li has also played an active role in international academic community, and delivered many invited presentations in different countries. He was IPC member of ICME-12, ICMI Study 15, and is currently a member of ICMI Award Committee.

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