What are your ‘signature’ Character Strengths?

VIAMe! LogoTo help you find out what your strengths are and what is best about you there is a research-evidenced survey available called the VIA Institute on Character Character Strengths Survey.

Character Strengths are classified as capacities humans have for thinking, feeling, and behaving.

It is important to understand that everybody has a capacity for expressing any of the 24 Character Strengths in the VIA Classification (opens in new window – from the VIA Institute website):

  • but, some strengths are easier and more natural for the individual to express (their signature strengths),
  • other strengths arise in particular situations where they are needed (phasic strengths),
  • and other strengths are expressed to a lesser degree or lesser frequency (lesser strengths).

This activity will help you to:

  • easily discover the Strengths you already have
  • gain deeper insight into what makes you who you are
  • think about how you can use your ‘signature’ Strengths to help you succeed in your career

Activity instructions

The VIA Institute on Character has created a short video (4min 18 sec) –

1. Watch the video on YouTube (note in the video how most of the individuals’ sense of energy and enthusiasm peaks as they talk about their ‘signature’ Strengths).

2. Register for and complete the VIA Inventory of Strengths survey (typically takes between 30 & 45 minutes).

3. View the FREE brief results report, and in particular, your top 5 signature strengths.  Looking at the report in front of you, what are your initial thoughts?

4. Where, in your current job, do you think that you make most use of your ‘signature’ (top 5) strengths?

5.  A question for reflection:  if you knew that you could make best use of your ‘signature’ strengths, what would be different in your life in two years time?