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CPD for mentors

Mentoring Networking Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Day

ILIaD hosted a Mentoring Networking and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Day for the first time early in July, bringing together like-minded people from the Universities of Southampton, ¬†Bournemouth and St Andrews, all eager to immerse themselves in a day dedicated to mentoring. ¬† This eclectic mix of people engaged enthusiastically in a day packed with activity and opportunities for networking, learning and sharing of ideas. Continue reading →

Will getting a mentor boost your career? #vitaehangout

¬† Watch a recording of the full #vitaehangout here Panellists discuss: What are the purposes and benefits of mentoring and coaching? What are the different types of mentoring and coaching relationship? How to manage the mentoring life cycle; from starting and maintaining to ending mentoring relationships How can you take advantage of mentoring and coaching to support your professional and career development? Where and how can you find a mentor or coach? Panellists... Continue reading →

How resilient are you?

Resilience is how you bounce back from whatever life throws at you, the capacity to cope with change and in other challenging situations and of managing stress and uncertainty, that could get in the way of you achieving, amongst other things, career development and work/life balance. Continue reading →