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Mentoring Networking Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Day

ILIaD hosted a Mentoring Networking and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Day for the first time early in July, bringing together like-minded people from the Universities of Southampton, ¬†Bournemouth and St Andrews, all eager to immerse themselves in a day dedicated to mentoring. ¬† This eclectic mix of people engaged enthusiastically in a day packed with activity and opportunities for networking, learning and sharing of ideas. Continue reading →

Will getting a mentor boost your career? #vitaehangout

¬† Watch a recording of the full #vitaehangout here Panellists discuss: What are the purposes and benefits of mentoring and coaching? What are the different types of mentoring and coaching relationship? How to manage the mentoring life cycle; from starting and maintaining to ending mentoring relationships How can you take advantage of mentoring and coaching to support your professional and career development? Where and how can you find a mentor or coach? Panellists... Continue reading →