Auditing the personal attributes of an effective & highly skilled researcher

photo of spring flowersWhat do you think that you could you learn from auditing your personal attributes in relation to the attributes required by an effective and highly skilled researcher as determined by the VITAE Researcher Development Framework (RDF)?

A tool has been developed which has been adapted from the RDF which encourages you to rate the confidence that you CURRENTLY have in demonstrating each attribute.

This activity will help you to:

  • rate the confidence that you currently have in demonstrating each of the personal attributes of an effective and highly skilled researcher
  • identify your strengths
  • reflect upon your self-ratings and identify areas for improvement

Activity instructions

1. Download the personal attributes audit tool (in Microsoft Word format)**It is strongly recommended that you save a version of the document before you start adding to it **

2. For each of the attributes listed, on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 stands for having no confidence at all in demonstrating the attribute and 10 stands for all the confidence in the world in demonstrating the attribute, what number would you say that you are at RIGHT NOW between 1 and 10?

3. Looking at your ratings, what are your initial thoughts?

4. Gain even further insight in a mentoring session:

“Looking at the confidence ratings that you have given these attributes, what would you like to think about and what are your thoughts?”