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Review of Day 1

Hi everyone Good to meet you and thanks for all the photos :-) Here are the important action points from today's discussion: read the study guide and the summary timetable! set up your blogs complete the form for Sarah with your blog url and other contact details join the Learning in the Network Age MOOC on FutureLearn complete the short survey here is the link for the Wednesday Live Session (16:00 Singapore time) If you missed the Live session you can access the... Continue reading →

First Live Session 7th November

Welcome! We are looking forward to engaging with you all here at 16:00 (Singapore time) on Tuesday 7th November. We will be explaining how the module works, and dealing with any questions you may have.  There are two important "getting started" documents: Module Timetable Overview Diagram We will also (over the next few days) be dipping into this slidedeck: https://www.slideshare. Continue reading →

Review of Live Session 3 (Thursday)

Don't forget that your first topic 1 posts are due by end of today (midnight Singapore time). Sarah is busy right now sorting out your forms and syndicating your blogs into the module blog - please allow some time (hours, not minutes) for this to happen! As I said in the class, even after she has finished (there are 51 of you...) don't panic if your post doesn't show up straight away. Continue reading →

Topic 4: social media ethics

Please read these notes and check out the links below, before preparing and posting your answer to the set question. This document should be regarded as just the start of the discussion, which are then developed over the next two days through the conversations themselves and the sharing of further relevant links. These articles are intended to give you a flavour of the topic, and get you started on answering the Topic 4 set question below. Relevant articles/videos http://www. Continue reading →