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Your Favourite Hello and Hardest Goodbye.

Living and working on the web has brought new perspectives in my life. The way I perceived the web before was quite different from the way I see it now. Prior to this module, the web was just a platform for me to stay connected with family and friends and obtain information for my assignments. After going through this module, I view the web as a platform to market myself professionally to future employers. Continue reading →

The Last Chapter

This final blog entry finally marks the end of this module. I have gained various insights and skills over these three weeks from the interaction with my classmates and lecturers on the various social media platforms. This blog entry will bring you through a summary of things that I have picked up on and the learnings that have expanded my knowledge and use of the web. Continue reading →

My Journey and Final Thoughts

Source: Self Produced by Agnes As we put an end to this module “living and working on the web”, i’d say it has been a fun and fulfilling two weeks journey. The best part of this module is the flexibility it has given me, being able to work within my comfort zone and as and when i want to. Unlike the past, social media in the present day has become the fastest news distribution tool. Continue reading →

How My Digital Profile Evolved in Just 2 Weeks

Living and working on the web is a modern approach to learning that gave me a taste of what telecommunication is like — the alternative work arrangement that more companies are offering these days (, 2017). Telecommuting proved to be more than just working away on a laptop in a coffeeshop. It requires discipline, time-management and a good amount of self-motivation. Continue reading →


Learning online was never my choice. To me, I feel that I am unable to effectively learn online as compared to physical lessons. It may be due to my experiences during my Polytechnic days where students were asked to listen to the recorded lectures on YouTube and accomplish questions. NO platforms for interaction at all. That was the kind of “learning on the web” that was inculcated to us. Therefore, I was extremely worried about this module. Continue reading →

My Final Reflection for MANG2049

As I reflect back on the 12 days with ‘living and working on the web’, for someone who was born during the age of digital technologies, I never knew my digital literacies would be lacking. In my introduction post, I evaluated my digital literacies and identified as a digital visitor. The experience with blogging have evidently developed my creativity in producing graphics, improved my language and aided me to build my online presence. Continue reading →

Final Reflection : The Beginning of My Real Journey

At first, I was hesitant of whether I could learn effectively from this online module. Over years of formal education, I had only been familiar with Behaviourism type of learning. Learning passively through lessons conducted by teachers in traditional classrooms. Occasionally, there would be an Experiential type of learning, where students learn on their own through discovery while being guided by a teacher. But that was pretty much it. Continue reading →

Living Digital Literacy Forward

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” ― Søren Kierkegaard The theme and purpose of this blog needs no further introduction. I pulled up a word cloud from all the post I have done so far. Managing, Digital, Online, Identity, Digital, Media, Profile, Portfolio, Information These words seemingly coincide with the purpose of this blog. Passion Purpose Progress (Foreword) “Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be. Continue reading →

My Journey Has Just Begun!

(Self-produced) “Our access to knowledge has never been more effortless or free. ” (Danielle Chan,2016) The way individuals take in and absorb new information has dramatically changed since the introduction of the Internet. Being a digital native born in the digital era, deriving and exploiting the benefits of the vast amount of beneficial contents online would rather be part of our responsibility to nurture and sustain lifelong learning to keep up with the ever-changing world. Continue reading →