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Topic 3 2016


(Souce: iandavidmackenzie) We should by now understand that social media works as a double-edged sword. Giving extensive power that can either aid or tarnish the image of an individual or the commune. Let’s look at some of the infamous social media disasters. (Click here) At the end of the day, social media is just a platform and technology that is a tool which does not have ethics. It is our moral compass that guides us on how we approach decisions when it comes to social media. Continue reading →

Reflection: Developing one’s digital profile

From this module, I grow to realise the effects of technology and the pronounced impact it has on us. We came to understand that seemingly harmless online content can jeopardize or elevate our lives and that having a reputable digital profile is of utmost importance for our career path. After reading the blogs of peers and course content, we begin to explore the dos and don’ts in creating a digital profile. From Kaye’s post, she draws relation between social media and getting your dream job. Continue reading →

Topic 3(Reflection): Don’t lose your job because of a tweet!

After reading my peers’ blogs, I have learnt other various ways in developing an authentic professional profile apart from building professional sites and blogging. Watch your online behavior! Brenden’s post emphasizes on being cautious with our actions on the internet. Through his examples, I learnt that it is vital to be wary of what our actions online as it affects both our potential career and even existing career. Continue reading →

Topic #3: Reflection on Developing Your Authentic Digital Profile

Going through my peer’s blogposts and comments on the different views of determining authenticity in one’s profile got me ponder; whether my social profiles are showing the real and professional me? Through Yang Ting’s post, I’ve learnt that we can definitely use social medias to our advantage for our professionalism field. Having uniform profile pictures and descriptions is definitely one method to look professional and credible. Continue reading →

Review (topic 3)

Through Isaac’s post, I have learnt about how I can categorise each point clearly, so that I do not sidetrack from the point I want to put across. This approach edifies me to keep my thoughts organised. In addition, I need to give credit to Isaac for emphasising the point on ‘relying less on texts’. He made use of diagrams and pictures to illustrate all his points, which I failed to do so. This enlightened me to work on the visual presentation of my blogposts. Continue reading →

Reflection – Details matter too

In my previous post, I suggested treating ourselves as a company, in this way it serves as a guide on how we would build our reputation online, just like how we would market a product to consumers. Upon visiting some of the blogs, I would like to highlight some findings I have discovered that would contribute to developing our digital professional profile. Firstly, the importance of visual content. Yong You‘s post has consistent visual contents capable of retaining my attention. Continue reading →

Reflective Summary: Can We Be 100% Authentic?

This topic has been a rather challenging one for me, anyone felt the same way as me? Hence, I was looking forward to reading my peers’ blog posts to see their different views on it. What Vivian mentioned in her post really caught my eye, and that is staying active on our social platforms. In my post I focused on the importance of personal branding, but I neglected the most crucial part of it, which is to bring it out and strongly advertise it. Continue reading →

Topic 3 Reflection

Before I did this topic, it has never occurred to me that blogging can actually be a way of showing your professionalism. Although I know of famous bloggers who make a living out of blogging, I never thought that I could use my own blog to my advantage in creating a professional online profile. Reading Elvina’s post and further research gave me a deeper insight to how I can do that. Continue reading →

Reflective Summary of Electronic Curriculum Vitae

(Source: Google)  This topic typically leads one to think of LinkedIn, and several of my colleagues have given recurring ideas on how to boost their platform. However, I felt that developing an authentic online professional profile doesn’t just revolve around revamping an individual’s LinkedIn. Therefore I decided to explore a little more on the importance and other approaches that could enhance professionalism on the web. Continue reading →