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Topic 2 2016

Topic 3: Authenticity

With technology advancement, online professional profile is as important as our CV. Recruiters and employers are changing the way their company works, including how they hire, as everyone tries to adapt to the digital world. (Source: World Economic Forum) Connections, relationships and creating a network of your own even virtually is essential. According to jobvite, recruiters are now reviewing social media profiles to uncover mutual connections and evaluate written and design work. Continue reading →

Review (topic 2)

After reviewing on my peers’ blog posts, putting myself on the fence of deciding whether having multiple identities or not provides me a better understanding of some young adults. For Leila, she stipulates, “the number of people joining the connected world increases, along with the pressure of maintaining their professional image and yet still be able to express who they are at the same time (Internet Society, 2013). Continue reading →

Topic 2 Reflection

After reading and commenting on my classmates’ blogs, I found out that there are two approaches to having multiple identities. One which you create multiple accounts for different purposes and another where you totally want the autonomy to do whatever you want without being judged or found out by your friends and family. I absolutely love and agree with what Wanni wrote about the effects of anonymity and how it may eventually lead to bad outcomes if not properly managed. Continue reading →

Reflection time. Topic 2

I have read through Jeremiah and Teresa’s blog and a few others. There are certainly different opinions of having one or more identities. To me it all boils down to lifestyle and how one manages their online activities. What I have learnt from Jeremiah blog is a singular online identity can increase online safety. His entry gave me the idea that the more multiple identities one makes, the lesser control the user has over his information online due to digital footprints. Continue reading →

Reflection on Topic 2

My comments on Beatrice’s and Brenden’s blog I might have been too engrossed in making my stance for having more than one online identity and neglected some critical pitfalls that many of my peers have covered about issues of anonymity and authenticity resulting in cyber-bullying and frauds. There also seems to be concerns about ruining employment opportunities if multiple identities are not managed properly. Continue reading →

Reflective summary on having more than one online identity

As mentioned in my previous post, I am pro multiple online identities to protect my privacy. However from the comments and posts, it has struck me a few thoughts on it. Jacinda’s post gave me an insight to having a single identity. Despite having a different take from her, I stand firm on my position of having multiple identities as I will not want to compromise my social life for a more professional view of my social media networks. Continue reading →

Reflective Summary: Topic 2 – “Multiple Online Identities = Lack Of Authenticity?”

After reading various blog posts by my peers, most of us seem to agree that having multiple online identities is alright if we manage them well and don’t ‘lose’ ourselves in the process. In Teresa’s blog, she opened up my perspective on having multiple identities online as I did not think that it could be setting a trap for ourselves as well. Continue reading →

Reflection – Just be yourself

I have come to a realization, be it by supporting the idea of having single identity or multiple identities online, the risk of facing danger is inevitable. Both the creator or other users may still face privacy issues, moreover authenticity of identity does not restrict to a single identity. Having a single identity does not necessarily mean you are being your “true” self. Similarly, online anonymity does not equate to risk of posing as threat or harm all the time. Continue reading →

Topic #2: Reflection on Pros & Cons of having multiple identities

Reading through various posts on the debates of multiple identities triggered me to think again whether or not having multiple identities really benefits me. For instance, as researched by Klarissa, 91% of recruiters nowadays screen through their potential candidate’s online profiles. We don’t want our company to view us as being ‘unprofessional’ in circumstances when we are enjoying our private life moment, like Stacy Snyder’s case shared in Sean’s post. Continue reading →