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Final Assessed Post : The Journey

After 12 Lessons of Living and Working on the web (MANG2049) , the amount of new knowledge learnt and insight found was incredible. First of all, this was a whole new online experience that I ever had. I must admit, I have my doubts when I first heard about how lessons and discussions will function over the web but after the use of Google Hangout/Livestream and WordPress, they have erased my doubts. This module was one of the most enjoyable I ever had. Continue reading →

Final Journey of MANG2049

This module has given me an extraordinary learning experience. Previously, I used social media just to catch up with my friends, and update myself with news around me. However, the past 12 lessons were so valuable to me as it has taught me that social media is a powerful tool when it comes to the professional cohort. I used to think there wasn’t a need for me to create LinkedIn, since recruiters traditionally still value hard-copy CVs over an online digital portfolio. Continue reading →

Final Thoughts…

We have reached the final lap of MANG2049, and I would like to thank everyone for the kind attention all these while. I am going to miss the daily hangouts with the teachers and my peers. To begin, I did a comparison to show my level of digital literacy before the start and the end of the module. Prior to this module, I did not know the importance of having a professional online profile and identity. Continue reading →


A Quick Look At Living & Working On The Web As this module comes to an end, I’d like to say that it’s been a very enriching and fulfilling journey. With the flexibility of working hours and venues, based on a platform of self-expression and improvement, I’ve had a splendid time “living and working on the web”. Everything I’ve learnt in this module has been interrelated. Continue reading →

The Beginning of Something Greater

I used to be a stranger online. I know many lifestyle & beauty bloggers, watched vlogs and read a ton of interesting and debatable articles online, but rarely have I made myself known by commenting or participating in discussions. This module gave me the confidence to let my little voice be heard in the virtual world. This is a summary of my before and after digital profile. Continue reading →

Final Assessment

Over the course of 12 hectic days, I have to admit I have made a lot of progress in terms of my digital literacy and knowledge about the WORLD WIDE WEB. I absolutely enjoyed the freedom to discover, learn and share our views the way this module allowed me to. The outcome of the knowledge we picked up from various sources resulted to an extensive amount of information shared through our blogs at #mang2049. Continue reading →

Final Assessed Post

(Credit: Jim) Let’s find out how is my progress in developing my online professional profile. 1) LinkedIn I created LinkedIn just because I heard about it from my brother. I left my profile with no photo, no work experience and it looked stranded, unfortunately. (Credit: Jim) However, after going through this module, I have noticed the prevalent usage of LinkedIn to create a professional digital profile statistically. Continue reading →