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Topic 5 2015

The evolving needs (Topic 5)

Refreshing approaches I observed as I read posts of my different colleagues. Everyone can be a content producer – a musician, a journalist, a researcher or a film maker. (The Island’s Computer Guys Ltd, 2015) The internet possesses the ever unpredictable influence in terms of promoting content producer’s works and the sharing of information across the world. Continue reading →

Topic 5: Reflective Summary

Image Source: The first blogpost that I read would be my fellow classmate JunNing’s blogpost about open access.I really enjoyed reading her blog post as she provided a lot of examples and statistics to support what she wrote about in her blog. She showed how advertisement is linked to this open access. Continue reading →

Topic 5 – Reflective Summary & Comments

Taken from via Google Many of us are definitely supports Open Access for free access to materials online. Even if the document requires a payment, students like me will definitely search for a free, downloadable document online. However, after reading WeiJie’s post, it makes me feel that a paid document is being spread online as a free document will cause the company to lose money. Continue reading →

Should You Pay For It? (Topic 5 Reflection)

The argument between having free published content and paid content is a continuous ongoing affair. Through the various posts, I have seen many different opinions and views which quite frankly, I agree to most of them. (Photo Source: air0n-n-logicologists) There’s Simply No Right Or Wrong Answer  In my previous post, I have mentioned the various pros and cons for publishers to produce online content materials for free. Continue reading →

Topic 5: What have I learned?

Image created by: Jierun (Me) After reading many blogs, I still stand for Open Access, I think the benefits and impact it makes can change the world in many ways! Take Jack Andraka for example, he was able to change the medical world to a better due to Open Access, he invented something useful for everybody – a Pancreatic Cancer Detector. I think that is pretty amazing! Open access to content for free is a very wide topic. Continue reading →