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Topic 4 2015

Topic 4 Reflective Summary

Image source: After having read through my fellow classmates’ blog posts and articles, I feel that I have learnt a lot about online ethics that we all have to watch out for. All too frequently, we forget about these things and become sometimes either commit these ethical ‘crimes’ or read information which aren’t correct and deem them to be correct. Continue reading →

Social Media in HR Functions (Topic 4)

By definition, business ethics relates to the rules of conduct acknowledged by the society at large. It is often shaped by the nature of the industry and also moral beliefs that individuals possess. Wei Jie contributed a valuable point in stating that “there is no privacy online”. For certain, the nature of the virtual space makes it hard for an individual to exert power over the influence of information he has posted online. Continue reading →

Let us look back

This topic has been a very relatable one for me. I am glad that I managed to blog about it as I do talk about this frequently. Firstly, I would like to highlight YiXin’s post where she talked about the relationship between consumer confidence AND ethical use of social media marketing. Models who are more relatable would definitely increase consumer confidence in that product as it is easier to associate themselves with the models used. Continue reading →

Reflective Summary – A reminder for myself!

Source: Reading my classmates’ post got me thinking if social media was really a good addition into people’s life. Most people have been so caught up in using this innovative form of communication and information sharing tool that they have forgotten about many other important things in life. Continue reading →

Topic 4 – Reflective Summary & Comments

 Taken from Have A Laugh On Me via Google Social media can be a good and bad thing to many of us. But it all boils down to how we use the internet for. Are we using it for the well-being or are we using it to insult or bully other people? As a marketer, we should use social media in the correct way instead of insulting other people. The fact that social media is used by a lot of people, it can be spread out speedily. Continue reading →

Summary: Online ethics- Everyone’s next lesson in life?

Credits- Keytopics After reading my classmates post, I have seen how broad this topic is and how everything can be interlinked together. Credits- Bullandbearmcgill Firstly, JunNing’s Post has deepen my understanding for freedom of speech and I concluded that freedom of speech along with the loss of personal privacy has become the driving force for cyberbullying. “Should freedom of speech be encouraged on social media? Yes, but only to a certain extent. Continue reading →

Some things are better left unsaid

The different ethical issues faced are countless and I’m glad I came across some posts that talked about issues that I overlooked. (Photo source: For example, Yi Shin had a unique point of talking about ethical issues practiced by some companies. It is true that one’s social media platform does not entirely determine one’s capabilities in his specialised field. Continue reading →