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Topic 1 2015

Reflective Summary (Topic 1)

Comment 1 – Guo Yixin Comment 2 – Easter Lim After looking through my post and those of Yixin and Easter, I realised that mine appears to be rather lacking in personal views and input. My writing style seems to be very formal and academic. In such a medium(Blog), it is perhaps better suited to the usage of a more informal writing. From their post, I’ve also come to see “Residents” differently. Continue reading →

Reflection on Topic 1

After reading and reviewing blogs written by my classmates, I realised that majority of them, including myself, are neither “Visitors” nor “Residents”, but “In-betweens”. There are also a handful who are Digital Residents and a small number that claimed to be Digital Visitors. Marc Prensky’s ‘Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants’ categorises individuals based on their age. Continue reading →

Reflective Summary: Topic 1

It has been such an interesting and engaging process blogging, viewing and commenting on my fellow friend’s blog posts. As i read through my classmate’s blog posts, I have gained very interesting perspectives on this topic and has definitely broaden my thinking. It has been engaging as everyone is free to express their opinions on their private blog posts in their own creative ways and to me, this is what makes the process so interesting and intriguing. Continue reading →

Looking back at Topic 1…

Source: Tumblr Phew, finished reading most of my classmates’ blog posts and I am really amazed about the different viewpoints shared by them that I have never thought of before! :D I feel that there are definitely still many areas about Visitor and Residents to be explored further, instead of just sticking by a standard definition. Source: Ryan Chew Take Ryan’s blog for an example. Continue reading →

Topic 1: Reflection

Thank you Sheryl and Venezia for your detailed comments! :)I am definitely a digital visitor because i share minimal information and only visit the website when i have something to do. I have accounts on twitter, facebook, and blogger but i do not use them often. I logon to twitter once in while to get updates on the news and also my friends' lives. As for facebook and blogger, i have never posted any updates about my personal stuff. Continue reading →

Topic 1: What have I learnt?

It has been interesting and enjoyable reading different views from different people. Before I even started researching and reading about Digital Visitors, Digital Residents, Digital Natives, and Digital Immigrants, I had no idea such concepts and terms exists! As I read posts from others, it got me thinking deeper and more questions arises… Constance made an insightful view — I agree, it is a common mistake made by readers to stereotype such technology users terms based on generations. Continue reading →