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Topic 3

“THE IMPORTANCE OF ONLINE AUTHENTICITY (Told From A Political Perspective)” – Reflective Summary on Topic 3

After reading many of classmates’ posts on the need of having an authentic identity on the internet, I cannot help but to agree with most of them. Among the arguments that were put forth, I especially like the arguments of Charmaine and Simon. Simon’s point on honesty being the best policy resonated strongly with my point on the need to be yourself and not be a fake, as an impersonator will eventually be exposed as a fraud. Continue reading →

We are all Mulan-s.

Mulan represents the dilemma that we all face in the development of our professional digital profile. Who we are inside VS. What we portray to the world. If you watched the movie, you would know that throughout her entire journey, she remained true to her purpose even when she had to portray a completely different image to the world. To me, that is authenticity. Continue reading →

Reflection on Topic 3 : Building an Authentic Professional Profile

This is by far the most interesting topic to date as i got to know people different opinions on what contributes to be authentic. Sara and charmaine pointed out self-branding as the KEY to market yourself to future employers and the need for social interaction with your target audience (future employer, clients, investor). Sara was right in saying we must be proactive in promoting ourselves. I shared a link with her which teaches on how to buildup network which I thought I can share HERE. Continue reading →

Reflection Section Collection!! (Topic 3)

Credits: via Fumaga #truestory We are all about to venture into Topic 4! But before that happens, it’s time to do yet another reflection! :) At the end of this topic, I still highly stand my ground that CONSISTENCY and AUTHENTICITY is key when it comes to creating a good profile. Employers prefer looking at profiles which have credibility and that are easy to identify with. Continue reading →

A Reflection On Authenticity

Photo Credits: via It has been a great learning experience reading posts on how to create an authentic digital profile and that has prompt me to log in to my inactive LinkedIn account that was created years ago. As i typed in the URL. pressed enter and tried to recall the password, i dread the amount of work i have to do to breathe life into this extremely lacking, empty and boring profile. I understood it is going to be a process and my first hurdle is authenticity. Continue reading →

A beautiful ending for Topic 3

I own an account on LinkedIn and I regard that as my one and only professional profile. Why? Because I believe only on LinkedIn does my profile portray me as being formal, presentable, and everything that I regard as being “professional”. Yanyi’s post touched on creativity which led me to wonder if my LinkedIn profile is creative. Seems not. It’s yet another boring profile among the 330 million profiles. There are different ways to present ourselves. Continue reading →

Extension for Topic 3: Developing an authentic Professional Online Profile

“Learning without reflection is a waste. Reflection without learning is dangerous” - Confucius This topic on developing an authentic professional online profile has generated interesting response amongst my peers and myself. It has been interesting to see the spread of discussion on how a professional online profile can be created. The most common assertion amongst my peers was that recruiters are now using social media to hire candidates. Continue reading →