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Topic 2

What I have learnt from Topic 2

That is definitely not me thinking really hard but it’s time to reflect on the topic of multiple identities. Most of my peers agree that using multiple online identities are acceptable. I found Zoe’s blog post similar to mine. We both agreed that our personal and professional lives should be separated. Zoe also shared with me how scams can be another way of abusing multiple online identities after I commented asking about the negative aspects of multiple online identities. Continue reading →

Topic 2: Reflective Summary

After reading most of my classmates’ blog, I have come to realised that there is no right or wrong about having one or multiple online identities. It all boils down to how you manage your profile, portray your image online, and how comfortable you are with your online identity/ identities. Chanced upon Kelly’s blog and she said ‘Having multiple online identities may simply deplete the credibility of a particular online identity you would like to portray. Continue reading →


SO, ONE PERSONALITY OR SPLIT PERSONALITIES? It is interesting to read how other peers are tackling towards this question and their point of view. After reading through a number of my peers’ posts, it helps to broaden my mind in seeing things in a different angle. I liked the fact that Xiu Zhen included the infographic video in her post to explain how social media would affect job recruitment. Continue reading →

Identity crisis solved

Photo credit : Jan Krömer via Flickr This topic relates very much to almost all of us who grew up in the age of the internet. But does that makes us any wiser on how to use it? Does it make us any more responsible on using these tools? I’ve read Tor’s post and I agree with what he said about having multiple online identities to target intended audience. It made me think about how having multiple accounts also allows me to organise my lifestyle more effectively. Continue reading →

A change in viewpoint?

Source: Image Previously, I mentioned that having multiple identities will affect your professionalism. However, after reading a few viewpoints from my classmates, they mentioned that having multiple identities can help to show the different sides of an individual – professionalism and fun. As illustrated on Jeanne’s post, many employers screen the prospective employees upon receiving the applications. Continue reading →

Topic 2: Reflection

After browsing through and commenting on Kelly’s and Novina’s blogs, I noticed the running trend among my peers. When discussing online identities. Many people tend to worry about digital crimes and scams. It is a justifiable concern. As Dr Cristina Costa mentioned in today’s Google Hangout, with a computer screen as a shield, users tend to let go of their social ethics. How does Mr. Continue reading →

Topic 2 : Reflection

So after reading several blog posts, it seems that most of us would choose to adopt either of the following strategies Strategy #1: Use One Profile for All Social Media Networks Strategy #2: Use Separate Personal and Professional Profiles I am a believer of strategy #2, if only for these few points Helps maintain work-life boundaries Less fear of your colleagues or boss seeing personal details you may not want to share, so you may be more candid Messages from contacts will be more relevant... Continue reading →

Captain Planet & The End of Topic 2

Imagine Captain Planet is an actual person and all the other Planeteers are just various aspects of him. Cristina (2014) gave a really good analogy that our online presence on various platforms on the web ( be it LinkedIn, Facebook or Google) are be seen as various aspects of our online identity and discussed that by linking our various profiles together, all of them would come together to form a more robust and complete identity. Continue reading →

Go Forth and Multiply

In my previous post for topic 2, I briefly explored the positive and negative aspects of anonymity online and concluded that multiple identities was necessary for one who wishes to pursue a career whilst maintaining a personal social online presence. Further exploring into the topic, after reading my peers’ thoughts and comments, I should learn to be more open with the sharing of information and allowing my employer to have a glimpse of my personal life too. Continue reading →