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You wouldn’t know

Image by Chuotcon Let’s get straight. I always have this question: According to statista, Google has the most users globally and I am one of the frequent users. However, reliability of information seems to bother me most of the time. This course has shared a few tips, which has guided me in evaluating online information throughout the module and doing research in the future. The awareness of critical thinking skills in evaluating information may result in self-conflict. Continue reading →


I constantly get questions like “Weren’t you in Tourism? Why jump to Marketing?” Simple, Everyone needs marketing! No matter what line or industry you are in! But what I forgot was that even People needs to market themselves. Am I Smarter? Yes! Living on the web taught me things that never really mattered to me in the past. Before this, if my friends posted funny photos of me, I would just laughed it off. Continue reading →


Howdy again, folks! :) Today will be the last wrap up post for Living & Working on the Web… *inserts ‘booooo’ sound effect* Haha.. This module has certainly changed some perceptions I had towards the web! So far we have touched on online identities, digital literacy, social media and ethics. Initially I just saw the web more as a source of information rather than knowledge and social media as a platform for me to connect with friends and family. Continue reading →

A final note

Introduction This module has essentially done two things for me. First, it has given me a greater awareness of the depth of the online cosmos – i.e. the amount of online acitivities one can take part in and the amount of online activities, tools and mediums that are already present. Second, it acted as a slight catalystic change for me to embrace online mediums more. Digital literacy review Lets review the digital literacy audit first. Continue reading →

A meaningful journey

Through MANG2049, it has taught me that even though living and working online can promote better learning through more effective discussions due to full participation, it requires greater discipline as compared to offline. I have improved in dealing with online information due to the extensive amount of resources shared and used while discussing the topics. Now, I take less time to spot for reliable sources. MANG2049 has definitely exposed me to more online communities and be active in it. Continue reading →

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Final Reflective Summary

I had so many new experiences during this course, including my first time using Google Hangout. It was great fun! Read my initial ratings before the start of the module here Here is what I’ve learnt, in five points: 1) Consistency This is the most important factor to build an online presence as you wouldn’t want to be confused for another person. Continue reading →


And now, we are already at the very last part of #MANG2049. It has been a fulfilling 12 days and I’m really surprised how this module has inspired me within this short timespan. In this 12 days, I was introduced to new websites I could use (which I believe will be very useful to me in the next 1. Continue reading →

Time to Wrap Up!

It has been a quick 12 days, going through this module has exposed me to topics that I wasn’t aware of and learning through reading what my peers have shared in their posts have been an insightful experience. My favourite topics are 1 and 3. Through Topic 1, I was able to identify myself as a digital visitor by mapping out my online activities. Continue reading →