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It’s The Final Countdown

Having been part of the digital age, I thought I was pretty tech savvy for the digital world. Over the span of self-oriented learning, I realized how naive I was as I am still lacking in many ways in which there are many applications and tools that I have never seen before. However, this module has given me an extraordinary learning experience and changed my perspectives of a whole new online experience. Continue reading →

Masks Behind Masks!

Indeed, social media is a public space where individuals could freely use it the way they want it, regardless of how many partial identities a person has, they all add up to a individual’s identity. It was surprised me after reading a few of my peers’ blog as most of us agree on having multiple online identities to cover and present ourselves differently between personal and professional life. Continue reading →

Is it normal to choose a Single Identity or should I adopt Multiple Identities

In this digital age, many people are consuming information on the internet. Therefore, it is important for a person to build a strong identity as nowadays it is convenient for people to create multiple online identities in network identity. It certainly affects visibility in work history and private social life. In this case, there are pro and cons in having single identity and multiple identities. Continue reading →

What I’ve Experienced

After spending my weekends reviewing a few of my classmates’ take on the topic of “Digital Differences”, everyone did a great job explaining and sharing their insights. I find that there is a room for improvement for my post as they provided wider point of view from their post. I discovered that most of us have something in common in the ideology and opinion on this particular topic. Continue reading →

The impact of Digital Differences

I suspect many of you are wondering what exactly the digital difference is. Well, the digital difference is the distinction of every individual in accessing technology and social. In this case, the difference factor can be in terms of age, education level, country of residence, motivation and so on. Source: Google Image According to bar chart shown above, it is clear that the internet users has increased dramatically over the last decade. Continue reading →

Introductory Post: Which category am i (Digital Resident or Digital Visitors)

Nowadays, technology is important as it has become the part of our life like, water and food. The question is how many people really know where they stand (Digital Visitors or Digital Residents). In this post, I will discuss about these two aspects in more detail and discover where am I stand in today’s technologically advanced world. Digital visitors determine what they want to go and then leave as they have no enthusiasm and they do not see the web as a social space. Continue reading →