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Looking Back at My Digital Learning Journey

“If you never try, you’ll never know what you are capable of.” (John Barrow, n.d.) I believe Barrow’s quote can be applied to my whole learning journey through MANG2049. I never thought I was capable of creating my own content, let alone posting it for the whole world to see. When I wrote my introductory post at the start of the module, I could merely speculate what the ending would be like 4 weeks later. Continue reading →

How my views of having a single identity has changed

(Self-Produced via Piktochart, 2017) In my previous post, I mentioned that I was more inclined in having a single identity due to its convenience. However, through the interactions and lessons learnt, I am convinced about the advantages of having multiple identities as each “identity” serves a different purpose. This allows me to project an appropriate image with various social and professional groups. Continue reading →

Who are you Online and How does it affect you?

On the earlier stages of Internet, people can be ‘anonymous’ as a way to interact with others online without sharing much information about themselves. Now, the pursuit of authenticity is creeping into the heart of most social media models. (Krotoski, 2012). Social media has grown at such a rapid pace that some people are still wondering how it fits into their lives on a personal and/or professional level. (QUOC, 2017). Continue reading →

Is Education enough in combatting false information?

There is a deluge of information in the net. The challenge we face with every browsing is how content can be filtered to ensure its authenticity. I learnt to be more razor sharp by scrutinizing data through various techniques. During the MOOC discussion on FutureLearn, I shared my personal experience being a victim of fake news. (FutureLearn, 2017) I was living in an Echo Chamber where most of my friends shared similar views which made me experience tunnel-vision regarding any topics discussed. Continue reading →

Have you been reading Fake News and Information Online?

In this digital age, anyone can create content online without qualms. The proliferation of information can be bewildering but foremost in one’s mind would be to question the reliability and authenticity of the information. Thus, the need to evaluate online resources and identify trustworthy content is an important step in any research process. (Stevens, 2016) The Internet has globalised the art of misinformation, allowing a single post to go viral across the planet. (Leetaru, K., 2016). Continue reading →

My Digital Journey Thus Far…

My learning journey thus far has allowed me to gain deeper insights into the various forms of digital differences and the impact digitization has on our lives today. We live in a new-age of high-tech, high-touch with gizmos and gadgets to help simplify while enriching our lives. This fast pace of technological changes present both opportunities and obstacles towards adaptation of digital activities. Continue reading →