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Is this the end?

I clearly remember that at the start of the module, all I was looking forward to was the flexible working hours and venue of work. As class only starts at 4pm, I could very well wake up at 2pm and start my day late. However, as the module progresses, I found myself being exposed and learning more about the digital world. It has successfully changed my perspectives on it and allows me to look at the digital world different now. Continue reading →

Say no to Cyber bullying

This topic has deepened my knowledge in terms of online identity. Prior to this topic, I have always believed that it is important to have multiple identities in order to keep personal and professional apart. After reading my peers’ blogs, both Shih Ying and Marianne have highlighted the point that employers are tracking employees’ social media and have dealt disciplinary actions onto employees due to certain misconduct online. Continue reading →


It has been an interesting week, learning about digital literacy and how it could affect our ability to gauge the credibility of a piece of news. I agree with Jian Wen on how filter bubble would limit us to similar perspective and affect our decision making process. However, I would like to add that Filter bubble does benefit us in some ways as well. Continue reading →

True or False?

Friend: Have you seen the latest news about the government rigging the election? Me: Seriously? Where did you hear it? Friend: It’s all over Facebook! I tagged you in that post! Me: Oh wow. I shall share it to share the news with my friends. The above is a common situation where we tend to believe the words of someone that we trust, without clarifying the source of it. Continue reading →

Bridging the Digital Divide

It has definitely been interesting learning about the factors of digital difference and the impact that it brings. Having grown up with the access to Internet has made me taken it for granted, such that being a non-user would be inconceivable. Fig 1: Transtheoretical model of change Source: Boston University School of Public Health After reading Jian Wen’s blog, it made me realize that motivation is definitely an important factor in bridging the digital divide today. Continue reading →

Digital Visitor or Digital Resident?

The idea of digital visitors and residents has little correlation to age. Its has more to do with personal lifestyles and preferences. Digital visitors view the Internet as one of many tools, alongside newspaper and books, which are available to them to achieve their goals. They tend to access the Internet on an anonymous basis, with no intentions of building a relationship with the community online. Continue reading →