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The Thought Bubble #3

Hey there and welcome back to The Thought Bubble, a series about my reflections on previous topics. Today’s reflection will be based on this post. First, I would like to share with you some of the things I’ve gathered after reading, commenting on and interacting with my fellow peers and their blog posts which has been very helpful in my overall learning and understanding of the topic. Continue reading →


We cannot deny the fact that we all tend to put out a different image on the Web then how we are in real life. For example, people want to upload nice pictures of themselves on Instagram, but no one wants to upload the ugly ones. We try to look all put together and perfectly fine online when in reality we are far from perfect and as put together as an unfinished puzzle (Keefer, 2017). Continue reading →

The Thought Bubble #2

Welcome back to the Thought Bubble! Today’s reflection will be based on this post After having done some research and reading through the FutureLearn topics here is what I could take away: *Created by me   Through reading, commenting on and interacting with my fellow peers and their blog posts, I’ve been also able to reinforce what I’ve learnt and develop more in-depth thoughts on the topic: *Created by me It has also allowed me to expand on my original idea of 3 Cs... Continue reading →

The Web and its Digital Lies

Source: (Reddit, 2017) Could you tell that the above images were Photoshop-ed and fake? No? Well, neither could I! Whether is it to spread fake news or gain publicity, some people will stop at nothing to present false information for their own gains, though some might be attributed to poor journalism. Therefore it is important to understand how to access the quality of information on the Web through acquiring skills like Media Literacy, Information Literacy and Data Literacy. Continue reading →

Digital Differences

Digital differences impact how accessible internet is, how we interact with internet and our ability to learn through the internet.    I feel very fortunate to be living in Singapore! INTERNET IS EVERYWHERE. In Singapore, almost all households have their own broadband network which gives them access to internet. If that is not enough, proximity of public amenities also increases our access to internet. Continue reading →