Dr. Marina Carravetta Group


  Marina Carravetta


I work at the University of Southampton in the Chemistry Department, with a University Research Fellowship from the Royal Society. My main research field is magic-angle spinning (MAS) NMR.

My personal homepage is http://www.marina.soton.ac.uk



Cryogenic static and MAS NMR on superconductors.

This research line  involves the preparation and characterization of superconducting materials, NMR experiments using state of the art equipment for low temperature NMR, data analysis and modelling by means of spin dynamics and first principle calculations.


New pulse sequence are developed within my group, in collaboration with Dr. Phil Williamson, by means of numerical simulation and experimental refinement. We aim to apply the new experimental methods for the study of natural materials and fibrils.

Solid state NMR for materials science.

We collaborate with several research groups within the University of Southampton for the study of disordered systems, glasses and catalytic processes.


We are involved in the study of these materials by means of cryogenic static and MAS NMR, infrared spectroscopy (IR), and inelastic neutron scattering (INS.)


Emma Withers

PhD Student

Research interests: • Structural biology and biochemistry
• Biological solid state NMR
• Nitrogen-14 overtone spectroscopy


Richard Bounds

PhD Student

Research interests:

• Cryogenic Magic Angle Spinning
• High temperature Superconductors
• NMR simulations




An up-to-date list of my publications, including links for Web of Science, is maintained on my faculty staff page.

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