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Perkins agricultural library goes online during digitisation

May 15, 2014
by Julian Ball


The Library Digitisation Unit has started digitising the Perkins agricultural library which is being made available within hours of digitisation. The collection contains over 2000 books amounting to approximately 1.4 million pages which will take the Unit a few months to complete. The volumes are being made freely available via Internet Archive and maybe searched for using the term “perkins southampton”.

The automated workflow, Goobi was integrated into the Library Digitisation Unit in 2010 to coordinate  all of the steps associated with digitisation and processing. Goobi manages the organisation and storage of images, calls and integrates bibliographic records, stores metadata in a standard METS format and provides output resources which can be rendered by web viewers.  

Goobi is a multilingual web based application. Goobi validates METS output against a METS XSD, but the internal schema is particular to the institution and held in a non-standard Goobi metadata format. The software is written in Java and being open source provides the opportunity for development and the generation of automated scripted steps. Two plugins were commissioned by the LDU to enable the full integration of the Unit’s workflow processes:

  •  The first plugin interprets an item barcode and retrieves the bibliographic record from the Library Management Software
  • The second plugin enables jobs to be sent and data retrieved from Abbyy’s Recognition Server

 Workflow stages of Perkins agricultural library digitisation


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