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Twitterstream: using linked data to manage format risk

ipres 2009 logoThe Twitterstream flows fast and isn’t always there for review later. So here is the stream, copied live from Twitter #ipres09, the Sixth International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects (San Francisco, 5-6 October 2009), on Dave Tarrant’s talk: Where the Semantic Web and Web 2.0 meet format risk management: P2 registry.

From the opening slides: “This paper/talk is not actually about a new registry for preservation data. The P2-Registry is simply a demonstration of what can be done with machine readable data which is published openly on the web.”

This innovative work began as a short term response to the problem of format risk assessment in the Preserv 2 project. It is being promoted as an open solution to a component part of the digital preservation and format management service for exemplar repositories in KeepIt, for other repositories based on EPrints, and for other repositories. Format management and risk assessment are one part of the chain. Tbc.

This is the first presentation of this work. Here is what others thought of it.

23.34 davetaz #ipres09 Here we go. Web 2.0, Semantic Web meets digital preservation – Presentation up @

cardcc Stand by: the Tarrant torrent about to start

mopennock David Tarrant now up in final session – P2 Registry

WilliamKilbride last #ipres09 session under way with discussion of registry services and linked data

mopennock Tarrant talking about dbpedia – I heard about this over lunch for first time (where have I been?)

edsu @davetaz is promoting #linkeddata at #ipres09: reduces redundancy, increases re-use, and maximizes discovery

mbklein Cool! – Preserv2 Semantically Enhanced File Format Registry

figoblog RT @mbklein Cool!

JMarkOckerbloom @cardcc has q on reliability of linked data. I wonder what will happen if linked data gets traction enough to attract spammers.

cardcc The Tarrant Torrent, or bits of it, in a blog post on the P2 registry & other linked data stuff at #ipres09

24.00 davetaz #ipres09, thanks for the comments all, feedback welcome, URIs of data even more welcome, if anyone has some with RDF, i’ll import them now!

edsu @davetaz nice response to the question of trust and linked data #ipres09 – dns has it pluses

edsu @davetaz might be fun to talk to martha anderson about linkeddata-ifying the arms/flesichauer formats website

davetaz @edsu Some good info here, just need to move to URIs and then provide rdf. For most moving to #linkeddatashould be strait forward

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