A lot of pervasive computing and Sensor network devices previously had customised networking and data exchange technologies which meant it was difficult to link up with other systems. Clearly IoT systems where nodes have ip addresses (pref. ipv6) and a web server can tackle many of those issues – the question is how to make them power efficient, use radio networks (not just WiFi) and efficiently interact with each other and humans. We draw on previous research in pervasive computing, ambient intelligence, embedded systems, wireless sensor networks, Web research and HCI to tackle this research. ECS has research strengths in all these areas and has a growing portfolio of funded projects and there is activity in Chemistry and Engineering.


We also have an iot (at) ecs email list for people who are involved in this area.

Environmental Internet of Things (IoT) and informatics session

We will be co-organising a session on Environmental Internet of Things (IoT) and informatics at the European Geosciences Union 2016. The aim of this session is to look at problems and solutions encountered in both whole deployed systems and the components that they are built on. The focus is on the real world issues and …

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Mountainsensing project deploys low power IoT sensors in scotland

The NERC Mountainsensing project has deployed a low power IoT sensing system in the Cairngorms – this time using the energy efficient CoAP protocol – still over the 868MHz 6LowPAN radio links.

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