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ecoffee @ SGH

Final year medical student Callum Taylor led this month’s e-coffee@SGH session, with an inspiring look at some of the tools, projects and platforms that can help engage students.  It was packed full of useful tips and information, and showcased some really exciting resources. Continue reading →

e-coffee @ SGH

In this month’s e-coffee@SGH session, Daryl Peel from the Digital Learning team demonstrated two tools that can help users familiarise themselves with a physical space, or even use a physical space to help familiarise users with a topic.   ActionBound offers a means of creating interactive scavenger hunts, using GPS to recognise a location, and guiding users through a series of activities as they move around the space. Continue reading →

iPAD Coffee Club at SGH

This month's iPAD coffee club focused on recording lectures and tutorials, with Veronica Hollis explaining how Panopto is used to support the MSc Allergy course. The Panopto app allows students to re-watch their lectures, with the slides accompanied by an audio recording of the lecture, and accompanying notes summarising each slide that help students navigate to relevant sections. There is also an option to download the recordings to listen to offline. Continue reading →

Using mobile devices to record one-to-one meetings

I was asked recently to provide some advice to some students who need to video dyslexia assessment and tutorial sessions in order to provide evidence for their professional practice qualifications. However the following advice also applies to any one-to-one sessions. The objective is for them to use the devices they own (laptops, tablets or smartphones) to create digital video files which can be securely shared with their tutor. Continue reading →