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iPAD Coffee Club at SGH

After last session's inspiring introduction to Nearpod, it was great to hear that the Allergy team have been using this in their new 'Teaching the Teachers to Teach' module and it is being well received by students. This month's iPAD coffee club focused on note-taking and annotating pdfs. Apple TV is proving to be a useful asset to the sessions, making it easier for attendees to share what they are doing with the whole group. Continue reading →

Why Flipped Classrooms Fail

“I tried Peer Instruction and it didn’t work.”   As a champion of the popular flipped learning method developed by Eric Mazur , this phrase always hits me hard when I hear it from fellow educators. And I do hear it. Over the years, I’ve run into many different accounts of experiments in innovative teaching, not just Peer Instruction, gone awry.  I have heard many refrains about clickers, “I tried clickers and it was a disaster. Continue reading →

New Year, New PhD

Happy New Year.  I start the New Year by starting my PhD with Lancaster University on e-Research and Technology Enhanced Learning after it being introduced to me by Sheila McNeill, fellow ALT trustee and all round techy superstar.    It’s a totally online programme with residential’s in the first and second years. Continue reading →